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Are you struggling in recovery?

If so, connection is key! Learn how-to begin a meditation practice so that you can live in peace with clarity and confidence.


Connect & Trust  Your Inner Power

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  • How-to take what you’re already doing and turn it into a practice that transforms the way you live;
  • How-to Identify and eliminate old beliefs and patterns holding you back from being who you're here to be, and;
  • How-to Access the POWER WITHIN you to discover lasting solutions to ever changing circumstances.

"My favorite thing working with Elizabeth is her unconditional acceptance of who I am and where I am. And the complete absence of judgement or opinion about how I’m doing or whether it’s right or wrong."


"Learning the ability to (on most occasions) be able to experience a state of being mindful has been wonderful."

School Teacher

"Elizabeth has a beautiful and gentle way of presenting her experience with and understanding of meditation to everyone, from the longtime practitioner, to those who are just beginning to explore the benefits of this powerful practice."

Long-time Meditation Practitioner

"As a seasoned meditator, Elizabeth reminded me to keep it simple. She provided hands on, real time experience in different types of meditation. In a safe, gentle way, Elizabeth has the gift to bring the complex into simple terms."


"Elizabeth's meditations are the voice of calm in the midst of my busy day. "


"A light for people who have lost themselves in the darkness and need a gentle hand up. That's Elizabeth."


"Elizabeth offers great insight on finding inner peace."


Stumbling into Stillness

with Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth Young is the creator at Stumbling into Stillness. As a Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Elizabeth infuses stillness into everything she creates. Elizabeth's been teaching since 1990 moving from the high-paced tech scene in New York City to a Southern lifestyle fused with the moment. Elizabeth has been a meditation practitioner since 1999 and a wellness teacher since 2015. Learn more about what drives her to live in the moment and why her mission is to live awake and meet you here. Read more...

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