I AM                           .

(How do you fill in your blank?)

NOT good enough.
NOT smart enough. 
NOT skinny enough. 
NOT pretty enough.
NOT spiritual enough.
NOT rich enough.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

The Pathway to Stillness

At Stumbling into Stillness we use a 5-Step Process called "The Pathway to Stillness," which equips you with the attitudes, principles and tools to reawaken who you are, so that you can live sober, connected, calm and confident.

Here's how it works


To grow, we need to see what's blocking us from doing so.

In step one, we become aware of our current situation in a loving and compassionate way. We do this by fully accepting where we are through simple practices of present awareness. Understanding that our acceptance does not mean resigning ourselves to the way things are.


In step two, we make a commitment to recognize and no longer use our less healthy ways of being as solutions. We become willing to deepen our connection with our inner stillness and trust it to lead us forward.

Practice Now

In step three, we learn tools to uncover the attitudes and principles required to live free from suffering. As human beings we can't avoid physical pain; however, the emotional turbulence, which is the root of suffering, is unnecessary for living a joyous and happy life. We have the power to live free from suffering and step three gives us the tools we need to do exactly that.

Love Me Nots 

Imagine the most important person in your life. Now imagine your relationship with them without love. How successful do you think it would be? We can't relate in love with others while hating, judging and numbing ourself. We must discover and experience what it means to be kind and compassionate within. The practice of steps 1-4 allow us to experience and grow in self-love. And since we spread what and who we are, our inner love begins to spill out into our relationships and the world.


Beyond ME (Mind & Emotion)

We're a society of thought and emotion worshippers. We've followed our thoughts and emotions down many rabbit holes. Beyond ME offers us an opportunity to experience a significant shift in the way we relate to our mind and emotions. Rather than simply reacting to our thought and emotional life, we have the power to respond, relinquishing mind as master. 

The Pathway to Stillness's 5-step process incorporates mindfulness, self-inquiry and meditation practices in a unique blend based on the direct experience of it's creator, Elizabeth Young. Stumbling out of suffering and into sobriety Elizabeth's mission is to equip you with the tools to wakeup and...

Rediscover your I AM.

Begin with our free online offering.

In our Power Within Class you'll discover:

  • How-to take what you’re already doing and turn it into a practice that transforms the way you live;
  • How-to Identify and eliminate old beliefs and patterns holding you back from being who you're here to be, and;
  • How-to connect with the power within you to discover lasting solutions to ever changing circumstances.

Why Meditation?

Because it works. Scientists are fascinated by meditation, conducting study after study on how practicing it can affect our brain. Fortunately for our western culture, their efforts continue to open our minds and hearts to this transformative ancient practice. Interested in the scientific research? Click on the image below to learn more.


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